How Do I Clean Ceiling Fans?

Hi Lorna,

I know that this won’t be an issue for most of your Irish readers. But this is a big one for me as I live in the States and every room has ceiling fans. Without them you’d just melt in the summer time!

But they really gather a lot of dust. I know I need to clean them more often but I’m just so busy. When I do get around to it the dust just falls off and goes everywhere. No matter how hard I try to catch it all, it just floats into every corner of the room.

How do I stop this from happening? Please help me before I go completely mad…


Hello Jane,

I don’t have any ceiling fans in my home. But that’s just because the weather here in Ireland is usually terrible and there is no need for them. But back when we had them, they were always a nightmare to clean without making a huge mess.

I understand exactly where you are coming from as I and many others have had this exact same problem. However there are some solutions.

First of all it should go without saying that the fans should be the very first thing that you clean so that you don’t end up having to cover the same areas twice.

Like I said I used to struggle with this as well, so I contacted one of my best friends who is a professional cleaner in Florida and she told me the method they use to great effect.

First of all they strip off all the bed cloths and just leave the bottom sheet. Then carefully using a lambswool duster, they brush the dust towards the sheet and it all gets caught in there. Then they go from room to room using the same sheet and the same technique. All the dust gets captured in the sheet and can be disposed of very easily.

Now how smart is that!

Once you’re done, simply bring it outside and shake the dust off before putting it in the washing machine.

Some dust may have gotten into other areas of the rooms but that wont matter as they’ll be easily picked up by your vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloth as you whip around the room.

dusty ceiling fan

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