Cleaning Plan For Messy Bathrooms

bathroomI’ve cleaned a LOT of bathrooms in my time that’s for sure. And if I’m being completely honest I never really minded it. I know that for some people it’s their most hated room to clean but for me it’s never been an issue. Maybe I have become immune from doing it so many times or maybe I’ve just developed a system which allows me to get in and out super fast.

I will admit that I have a secret tip. It’s to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller album on full blast while cleaning. I swear it makes me clean faster…… probably.

At the very least it makes me happy and that’s really the most important thing.

If you have a proper system in place then you can clean any room very quickly (assuming it’s not a kids bedroom, as those places are black holes and many people have ventured into them, never to return).

But for other rooms, a good plan of action will result in success. Here’s exactly how I attack bathroom.

First of all, get that music blaring. The louder the better.

Second make sure you have your entire cleaning kit with you. Don’t realise that you are missing something and then have to go looking for it half way through, that’s a disaster.

You should know by now my golden rule. Start at the top. That means get rid of all cobwebs first starting from the back moving to the front and then from the top moving towards the ground.

Make sure to be really careful with your light fixtures. They can be damaged so easily. That’s actually a reason why many companies refuse to clean them. They can also be quite expensive to replace.

You can use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust and debris that has fallen on the ground from dusting all the surfaces.

Next we move onto the wet cleaning part.

The toilet is going to need most of your time. Spray your preferred product into the bowl but also up under the rim too. This is where a lot of smells originate from. Just because you cant see it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it!!

To save yourself a lot of time and effort you should leave the product to soak and work its magic before scrubbing it with a brush. Once you’re happy you’ve got everything, simply flush the toilet to finish.

Use a microfiber cloth to then run over all of the surfaces including the tub and outer parts of the toilet. Of course make sure you keep changing the microfiber cloth often and never use the cloth you’ve used on the toilet to clean the taps for instance.

This is why professional companies colour code all of their microfiber cloths and why you should too.

The last part of the plan is to use a microfiber flat mop, or damp microfiber cloth if your toilet is small, to run around the floor and bring it to a nice shine. Watch out for any hair or dust still caught in corner, but the vacuum should have gotten all of these already.

And now you can give out a nice deep breath and know that you’ve finished cleaning your bathroom (for now at least!)

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